Wallet Guide

How to create WEMIX WALLET

1. Search and install ‘WEMIX WALLET’ at Google Play or App Store and proceed to create an account.

2. Agree to terms and conditions and create an WEMIX WALLET account.

3. Press [My Wallet] at main screen and [Copy address] to copy your WEMIX WALLET address at a touch.

How to connect to WEMIX WALLET (PC Version)

Follow the below guide to link the WEMIX Wallet at PC.

1. Tab Menu > DEBCO to open the DEBCO menu, and tab the [Update] button.

2. Tab the [Sign in] button at the pop-up window.

3. Open the WEMIX Wallet app with your mobile device and
scan the QR code to link your account.

※ Tab the button located above the WEMIX Wallet app
and the camera app will be turned on.

4. Scan the QR code with the camera app and you will have to agree to the data request.
If you agree to the data request, the Wallet connection is completed.

How to connect to WEMIX WALLET

The Refinement of DEBCO can done above level 45.

※ Tab [Menu] > [DEBCO] to enter DEBCO menu.

Tier Medal is needed for DEBCO Refinement.
Tab [Refresh] or [Refinement] button to connect with WEMIX WALLET.

※ WEMIX WALLET can be installed through each market.

After tapping the button, you will be moved to the WEMIX WALLET to accept the request on the personal information.

Connection of WEMIX WALLET is done once you accept the request.

If you attempt to Refine DEBCO after the WALLET connection, you will be moved to WEMIX WALLET password confirmation screen.

Refinement can be proceeded once the password is confirmed.